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My Experience Studying Spanish

I studied Spanish in Instituto Cervantes de Manila in 2010.  The school is a non profit organization funded by the spanish government since 1991.  It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language and increasing knowledge of Spanish and Latin-American culture.  At present, Instituto Cervantes has 77 centres in 44 different countries. 

I learned a lot doing the intensive classes 3 times a week for 3 hours a day.  Each level has 30 hours which you can choose from your preferred schedule. You may find the schedule below. 

The school is using a holistic curriculum in approach to make sure sure that every student will understand each lesson.  Every level has an evaluation to ensure that you are ready to continue to the next level. Though, there are challenges, the professors are well prudent in teaching the language without harassing the learning capability of each students. 

For beginners I suggest that you go on intensive classes.  They offer classes suited to your available time. 

Currently, below are the schedule this year.  The schedule is often changing depending on the availability of the classes each level.  In order for the class to continue you need to complete 10 students enrolled for each level.  

Program (MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY) 9:00-12:00 am/1:00-4:00 pm/5:30-8:30pm

June 30 – July 21 – Last day of enrollment June 28
July 28 –August 18 –Last day of enrollment July 26
August 25 – September 18  - Last day of enrollment August 23
September 25 –October 18– Last day of enrollment September 22
October 25- November 17 - Last day of enrollment October 23
November 27-December 18 - Last day of enrollment November  24

Course fee: 5,100.00 Php

Program (TUESDAY/THURSDAY) 9:00-12:00 am/1:00-4:00 pm/5:30-8:30 pm

June 27 – July 27 - Last day of enrollment June 23
August 3 – September 5  – Last day of enrollment August 1
September 12 – October 12 – Last day of enrollment September 8
October 19 –November 21 – Last day of enrollment October 17
November 28 –January 11 – Last day of enrollment November 24

Course fee: 5,100.00 Php

Program (SATURDAY) 8:30-11:30 am/12:30-3:30 pm/3:40-6:40 pm
August 5 – October 7 – Last day of enrollment August 3
October 21 –January 10 – Last day of enrollment October 19

Course fee: 5,450.00 Php

Why study Spanish?

There are a lot of reasons why learning a language will benefit you.  I had the privilege in studying Spanish in Instituto Cervantes de Manila.  In the Philippines there are only about 5% of the Filipinos who use the language.  I was working in a call center industry for 3 years when I learned about the advent of bilingual jobs which offer a higher paying salary.  Because of this I started planning for my schedule in order for me to attend to spanish classes in Instituto Cervantes de Manila.  (continue reading...)

For more information of the schedules please visit this link. Instituto Cervantes Schedule

If you have comments and suggestions please feel free to comment below. We appreciate your response. Thank you!

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