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Japanese Lessons

I learned Japanese from Nihongo Foundation Inc.  This was back in 2015.  The company I worked with planned to open a line of business in Japan.  Then, they wanted me to represent our team and train colleagues in Japan.  Through my learning days, I developed the love of of learning other foreign language since then.  Learn my experience in learning Japanese here. 

On this post resource, you will learn the holistic approach in learning the Japanese language.  If you start to live and love it, this will open door for alot of opportunities. 

I like the teaching approach of this learning process because it is holistic.  It starts from the basic and develops into adaptable learning process.  The first step in learning the language is learning the culture and the basic language understanding.  Below is the book that we use during the learning process.  Click this image below and it will redirect you to my google drive storage.  Feel free to share the information.   If you feel that this is helpful, please let me know through your comment below.

Click on the following lessons to kick-start your next foreign language learning. 
The best practice is that while you are learning the nitty-gritty.  Listen to the audio below so that your ears will get used to the accent and develop this inclination that will pave a way for you to understand the language easily.  

Nihongo Lessons

Lesson 1 (Click here)Grammar Explanation
Country People and & Languages
Lesson 2 (Click here)Family and Names
Lesson 3 (Click here)46 basic Katakana letters
Lesson 4 (Click here)人日月火水木金土今何
Lesson 5 (Click here)一二三四五六七八九十
Lesson 6 (Click here)時分半前後午間行会社L
Lesson 7 (Click here)年週朝昼夕方夜先来毎
Lesson 8 (Click here)休食飲気天雨春夏秋冬
Lesson 9 (Click here)百千万円本買高安新古
Lesson 10 (Click here)私名家父母男女子生友
Japanese Writing Practice (Click here)Japanese Holistic Writing Approach

Listening Practice

Audio Listening Practice (Click here)to practice your ears in listening and speaking.
Katakana Chartorganized chart of all Katakana letters

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Let us know if this is helpful.  Please feel free to write down your comments below. Thank you. 

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