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Welcome Language Learners!

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Welcome to my site. We pay more exciting things for you. We can teach you how language unites people, how language affects your views of the world, your way of thinking and connecting with others around the world. The most exciting thing is that we will provide lessons, tutorials, and videos to assist you.

Here we will teach you basic lessons for free plus get a chance to connect with others.  There will always be something here for you.

First up! We want to know the reasons why you are learning a language.  Answer this question first and discover a lot more exciting things you will find.

If you are not committed to learning any language you will not be able to keep it.   One of the reasons why language is so amazing it's because of its diversity and inclusion.  If you are not passionate to learn a certain language you will end up getting rested and forget it.  Another character that will be honed in this learning is "patience".  Learning a language is kinda boring at first.  But if you are determined to listen and practice you will be able to see things unfolding along the way.

So, I want you to answer this before you even browse and get involved with other lessons:

1.  Why do you want to learn a certain language? This is the big question.  Its associated with why you do what you do and how do you want to impact others on your learning process.

2.  Where do you need to use this language for?  When I started learning the spanish language it was already easier for me because I had a little background from college.  Back in 2009, I want to apply for a scholarship in Spain. I thought learning the language is the first step in order to advance my goal. Until the advent of call centers and BPO industry increased in my country and my plan turn out in a different way. This made me seek for employment in private companies.

3.  For how long will you use the language?   Learning a language is a long-time process.  The longer you use a language the more you get to specialized, the more you get better.  Check for yourself how you want to use it and love it.

Post all your answers on the comment below and lets started.  Happy learning! 

Post all your answers in the comment below and let's get started.  Happy learning! 

My Experience Learning Spanish 

I studied Spanish in Instituto Cervantes de Manila back in 2010.  The school is a non-profit organization funded by the Spanish government since 1991.  It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language and increasing knowledge of Spanish and Latin-American culture.  At present, Instituto Cervantes has 77 centers in 44 different countries.

I learned a lot doing the intensive classes 3-times a week for 3-hours a day.  The retention is 80% beneficial according to most of the survey conducted by the school at the end of the course.  The school is using a holistic approach as a teaching strategy.  They make sure that every student will not just understand but use the Spanish language in their daily communication. ( continue reading..)

My Experience in Learning French?
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They said that French is the “sexiest” language from all the languages to learn.  I learned the basics of French lessons from Speak Up language school tutorial center in Taft Avenue near De La Salle College.   The school houses different foreign language tutorials and other academic tutorial from online and class base teachings. 

My first teacher came from Quebec, Canada.  He is a black African who move to Canada to look for a greener pasture.  When he learned about the Philippines, he was fascinated in living and retiring here. So, he dedicate his time in sharing what he know about the language in this school.  

Back in 2013 the fee is ranging from P 3000- P4000 per 30 hours per level. Currently their online site is being build so you may visit their address at Unit 106 G/F EGI Taft Tower Ave, Brgy 708 Zone 078 Malate Manila.  The school is just beside De La Salle Collage- Taft. 

My Experience in Learning Japanese

Back in 2015 when I transferred my work to another company that offers foreign clients a competitive career, the momentum in learning another language kicks in.  Because I want to work during dayshift time and Japanese clients are the only possible clients I could cater, I studied Japanese at Nihongo Center Foundation.  It is located in 3rd F, Dominion Bldg, 833 A. Arnaiz Ave, Makati City. 

They offer holistic approach in teaching Nihongo from Basic levels 1-3 to Advance Conversation.  I learned a lot from my first day of class.  Though I have to admit that memorizing every lesson is a bit of a challenge for me since I am still working 8-hours a days from my grave shift. I find it very interesting because they teach not only about the language but also the culture and the adaptation of country on the language. (continue reading)

There is definitely something here for you. Stay connected!

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If you have comments and suggestions please feel free to comment below. We appreciate your response. Thank you!


  1. Awesome post you have here. A very interesting topic. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, good thing about being a multilingual is that you'll have a lot of opportunities in jobs like document translation services and will have a great chance of becoming a translator.

  2. I agree with you Mark. It would also be beneficial when you travel outside your country like if you travel(http://travelersarchive.blogspot.com) its easier for you to do DIY trips. Career advancement is also rewarding especially if you plan to work in a international companies. We had a lot of reasons why we learn but at the end of the day it all boils down to your reason why you do it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. To be multilingual, is a very good skill one can acquire, as it opens door for more opportunities regardless of your location.

  4. Wonderful post, It is really a useful for travelers as well as communicators like us bloggers. World in Eyes

  5. Knowing or speaking another language is nice because it is helpful when you go outside the country where you know their language. This is helpful for those wanting to travel.

  6. This is awesome! I am a huge huge fan of learning languages and teaching my kids as many languages as possible, I myself speak 4 and this helped a lot.

  7. Learning language is essential especially when you are travelers. This is perfect for kids because they learn a lot of language in their young age.